The Rutgers Law Journal is the law review for the Rutgers University School of Law at Camden and is comprised of second and third-year law students who maintain superior academic records and possess strong legal writing and research skills.

Each annual volume of the Journal is comprised of four issues containing a collection of articles, notes, book reviews, and comments. The Journal publishes timely and provocative legal scholarship in the classical sense as well as interdisciplinary articles that are regarded to be of particular interest to the legal community. In addition to several articles authored by members of the legal profession, each issue of the Journal includes Notes, Comments, and Case Notes written by student members of the Journal Staff.

Every summer the Journal publishes its Annual Issue on State Constitutional Law under the supervision of Distinguished Professor Robert F. Williams. This issue routinely features articles written by the most influential and recognized scholars within the state constitutional law jurisprudential arena. The Annual Issue on State Constitutional Law also contains student written Comments analyzing the most important state supreme court decisions of the past year. The Journal also maintains an online, capsulated, nation-wide survey of state constitutional law decisions, collected and analyzed by members of the Journal Staff and available at the State Constitutional Law Issue section of theJournal website.

The work necessary to publish the Rutgers Law Journal is shared by all members the Journal. The Board of Editors, headed by the Editor-in-Chief, determines Journal policy and oversees the article selection and publication processes. Third-year law student Editors provide the Board invaluable assistance with the publication process. The second-year students of the Journal comprise the Staff and are responsible for editing and cite-checking the articles. Additionally, each Staff member must compose an original piece of legal scholarship, either in the form of a Note or a State Constitutional Law Comment.

About the Online Edition

Recognizing the explosive growth of the internet and its implications on the practice of law, the Executive Board of Volume 29 created the position of Internet Editor, whose primary responsibilities are the online publishing and maintenance of Law Journal materials. This role was consolidated in 2010 with the Production Editor position to become the Publication Editor. This position requires individuals to work where traditional legal scholarship intersects with the technical demands of the world's newest electronic medium. We are indebted to our first Internet Editor, Geoff Oberhaus, whose commitment to bridging these two worlds created the foundation of our current site. We are also indebted to Class of 2011 alum, Eric Gibbs, who re-designed the website to the current format.

The Journal is building upon the work of previous Internet Editors by creating a site that remains user-friendly while incorporating the Journal tradition of uncompromising legal excellence. From Volume 37-2 and onward, all published articles are available online in PDF format, mirroring our published product. We are excited about publishing the latest scholarship of leaders in the legal profession through this medium, and hope that you will continue to visit us as new issues of theRutgers Law Journal become available.