Volume 37 Issue 3

Volume 37 Spring 2006 Number 3

Filartiga v. Pena-Irala: From Family Tragedy to Human Rights Accountability Beth Stephens  623
The New Federal Common Law of Tort Remedies for Violations of International Law William R. Casto  635
Regulating the New Privateers of the Twenty-First Century William R. Casto  671
Filartiga's Legacy in an Era of Military Privatization Laura A. Dickinson  703
U.S. Torture as a Tort Richard Henry Seamon  715
Protecting the Power of the Judiciary: Why the Use of State Department "Statements of Interest" in Alien Tort Statute Litigation Runs Afoul of Separation of Powers Concerns Derek Baxter  807
Losing Control (Yet Again): The Globalization of the Alien Tort Statute Ari Afilalo  847
Mujica v. Occidental Petroleum Corporation: A Case Study on the Role of the Executive Branch in International Human Rights Litigation Amy Apollo 855
Saleh v. Titan Corporation: The Alien Tort Claims Act: More Bark Than Bite?  Procedural Limitations and the Future of ATCA Litigation Against Corporate Contractors Juli Schwartz  867