Volume 38 Issue 1

Volume 38 Fall 2006 Number 1

The War on Terror, Local Police, and Immigration Enforcement: A Curious Tale of Police Power in Post-9/11 America David A. Harris 1
Linguistics and Patent Claim Construction Kristen Osenga 61
Liberating Estate Law from the Constraints of Copyright Lee-ford Tritt  109
Judgment Day for Public Entity Punitive Damages?  Reexamining the Law and Policy of Awarding Punitive Damages Against New Jersey Public Entities Megan K. Bannigan 191
Gonzales v. Raich and the Development of Commerce Clause Jurisprudence: Is the Necessary and Proper Clause the Perfect Drug? David M. Crowell  251
Blocking Access to the Information Superhighway: Regulating the Internet out of the Reach of Low-Income Americans Edward J. Sholinsky  321