Volume 38 Issue 3

Volume 38 Spring 2007 Number 3

Standardized tests, erroneous scores, and Tort Liability Vincent R. Johnson  655
Fourth Amendment Lessons from the Highway and the Subway: A Principled Approach to Suspicionless Searches  Ricardo J. Bascuas  719
Human Worth as Collateral  Rashmi Dyal-Chand 793
Distinguishing Certification from Abstention in Diversity Cases: Postponement Versus Abdication of the Duty to Exercise Jurisdiction  Deborah J. Challener 847
Distorting the Limits of FRE 406: A Tough Habit to Break  Robert P. Duffield II 897
A Call for Doctrinal Consistency in the Adjudication of § 1983 Claims Based on Violations of Federal Regulations  William A. Liess 947