Volume 40 Issue 2

Volume 40 Winter 2009 Number 2

An Empirical Study of Securities Litigation After Worldcom David I. Michaels 319
The New Constitutional Right to Guns: Exploring the Illegitimate Birth and Acceptable Limitations of this new right George A. Nation III 353
The Reverse-Robin-Hood-Cross-Subsidy Hypothesis: Do Credit Card Systems Tax the Poor and Reward the Rich? Steven Semeraro 419
Providing Meaningful Judicial Review of Municipal Redevelopment Designations: Redevelopment in New Jersey Before and After Gallenthin Realty Development, Inc. v. Borough of Paulsboro Hon. James R. Zazzali & Jonathan L. Marshfield 451
The Death of "Life?" Due Process Doctrine After Abigail Alliance For Better Access to Developmental Drugs v. von Eschenbach Daniel Stephen Morris 503
School Integration in the Wake of Parents Involved and Meredith Regina Rosenello 535