Volume 42 Issue 4

Volume 42 Summer 2011 Number 4

Twenty-third issue on state constitutional law
introduction Robert F. Williams 849
The constitutional credentials of state constitutions Cheryl Saunders 853
legal conflicts and subnational constitutionalism Giacomo Delledonne & Giuseppe Martinico 881
Surveying Constitutional territory: book review of lawrence Friedman & Lynnea Thody's the Massachusetts state constitution The Hon. Scott Kafker 913
Pols Gone Wild: Why State Constitutional equality Provisions Are a Proper Solution To Partisan Gerrymandering Primo J. Cruz 927
natural resources — predators are protected by the sustained yield clause. west v. STATE, 248 P.3D 689 (ALASKA 2010). Cody Wm. Cowper 959
confrontation clause — tailoring testimony: improper accusations by prosecutors during closing argument violate defendant's confrontation clause rights. state v. mattson, 226 p.3d 482 (haw. 2010). Allison Eiselen 977
search and seizure — vermont's limiting of the emergency aid exception and response to brigham city v. stuart. state v. ford, 998 A.2d 684 (VT. 2010). Nicole Gentile 1003
tort reform — supreme court of georgia invokes state constitutional right to a jury trial to declare statutory cap on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice claims unconstitutional. atlanta oculoplastic surgery v. nestlehutt, 691 s.e.2d 218 (ga. 2010). Wade D. Koenecke 1023
search and seizure — declining to adopt an agency analysis in determining the admissibility of evidence obtained in another jurisdiction promotes circumvention of the connecticut constitution. state v. boyd, 992 a.2d 1071 (Conn. 2010). Dana Perkins 1041
free speech — strategic lockstepping and state funding implications: washington upholds use of internet filtering software in public libraries. bradburn v. n. cent. reg'l library dist., 231 P.3d 166 (Wash. 2010) Katherine A. Pustizzi 1057
constitutional interpretation — signature revocation provisions regulating the initiative process were found to violate article xi, section 3 of the florida constitution. browning v. fla. hometown democracy, inc., 29 So. 3d 1053 (fla. 2010) Danielle Rementer 1077
retrospective laws — do new statutory obligations imposed on sex offenders violate the missouri constitutional principle forbidding retrospective laws? f.r. v. st. charles cnty. sheriff's dep't, 301 s. w.3d 56 (mo. 2010). Sarah E. Ross 1093
equal protection — merging with murgia: the vermont supreme court's return to a federal equal protection analysis. badgley v. walton, 10 a.3d 469 (vt. 2010). Alex Rubenstein 1115
principles of reformation — the use of risk assessment tools in formulating individualized sentencing programs. malenchik v. state, 928 N.e.2d 564 (ind. 2010). Andrew Ruder 1135
judicial branch — medical malpractice damage caps violate the illinois constitution's separation of powers clause by effectuating a legislative remittitur in place of the judiciary's prerogative in assessing the property of non-economic compensatory damages. lebron v. gottlieb mem'l hosp., 930 n.E.2d 895 (ill. 2010). Danielle L. Sgro 1151
search and seizure — the connecticut supreme court's failure to provide under its state constitution greater rights to motorists subject to "consent searches" in routine traffic stops. state v. jenkins, 3 a.3d 806 (conn. 2010). Brandon R. Sher 1175