Volume 43, Issue 4

Volume 43 spring/summer 2013 Number 4

the political question doctrine in state constitutional law Daniel B. Rodriguez 573
book review: dimensions of constitutional change Jonathan L. Marshfield 593
state constitutional law- single subject rule- the illinois supreme court adopts an irrebutable presumption of constitutionality for legislation challenged by the single subject rule. Wirtz v. quinn, 953 N.E.2d 899 (Ill 2011). Guiliano Apadula 617
state constitutional law- cruel and unusual punishment- more than just an i.q. test may be needed to show intellectual disability. coleman v. state, 341 S.w.3d 221 (Tenn. 2011). Thomas Cotton 635
state constitutional law- Search and seizure- warrantless and suspicionless search of parolee's hotel room by a general law enforcement official violates article I, section 8 of the iowa constitution. state v. ochoa, 792 N.W.2d 260 (iowa 2010). Liam Duffy 651
state constitutional law- confirmation of inferior state officers and the judicial restructuring of the plenary powers of the kentucky general assembly. fox v. Grayson, 317 S.W.3d 1 (ky. 2010). Daniel Gamer 669
state constitutional law- Equal protection- minnesota supreme court's failure to resolve the inconsistent equal protection jurisprudence. state v. cox, 798 N.W.2d 517 (Minn. 2011). Alyssa Karpf 689
state constitutional law- recall elections - the new jersey supreme court holds the recall of U.S. senators under state law unconstitutional. Comm. to recall Robert menendez from the office of u.s. senator v. wells, 7 A.3d 720 (N.J. 2010). Jennfier Kim 705
state constitutional law- Privacy - search and seizure- do individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their cell phone conversations? state v. allen, 241 P.3d 1045 (mont. 2010). Jason D. Lerner 725
state constitutional law- search and seizure- The Washington supreme court mistakenly interprets and adopts the federal attenuation doctrine despite clear state precedent. state v. eserjose, 259 P.3d 172 (wash. 2011). Jessica Ma 747
state constitutional law- Thorough and efficient education- the right to a thorough and efficient system of education trumps the power of the appropriations clause in New jersey. Abbott v. burke, A.3d 1018 (n.j. 2011). Amanda Marra 771
state constitutional law- separation of powers - wisconsin supreme court erroneously declined review of legislature's violation of open meetings law. ozanne v. fitzgerald, 798 N. W.2d 436 (wis. 2011). Scott Miccio 797
state constitutional law- Self-incrimination - warnings given to a defendant that he had a right to counsel prior to police interrogation were sufficient under federal and state interpretation of self-incrimination law. rigterink v. state, 66 So 3.d 866 (fla. 2011). Augusta O'Neill 817
state constitutional law- Education funding - evidence of a correlation between poor school funding and poor student performance must be presented to render a school funding system unconstitutional. davis v. state, 804 N. W.2d 618 (S.D. 2011). Patrick A. O'Reilly 835
state constitutional law- Due process - the court of appeals of maryland remains in lockstep with the united states supreme court. cost v. state, 10 a.3d 184 (md. 2010). Mike Raskys 853
state constitutional law- Equal protection- the indiana supreme court's less than rational basis review of equal protection claims resulted in the validation of the indiana voter id law. league of women voters of indiana, inc. v. rokita, 929 N.E.2d 758 (ind. 2010). Adam Roseman 873
state constitutional law- self incrimination and the right to counsel- oregon adheres to independent state constitutional analysis in dismissing defendant's Anticipatory invocation of rights. state v. davis, 253 P.3d 1075 (or. 2011). Alicia Van Sciver 895
state constitutional law- search and seizure- tarnishing the reverse silver platter: hawaii jurisprudence takes a step forward in upholding the primacy of its constitution when applying the exclusionary rule. state v. torres, 262 P.3d 1006 (Haw. 2011). Steven G. Williamson 919
state constitutional law- right to appear and defend (confrontation) and the right to testify- specific inferences of tailoring during cross-examination of a criminal defendant do not violate article I, section 22 of the washington constitution. state v. martin, 252 P.3d 872 (Wash 2011). Andrew S. Winegar 935